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Women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset
New research suggests that women feel happy when they see their husband or partner upset.The study f... [Read More] 1391
Single phobia
Single phobia Now there is an official name for the fear of the terrifyingly exotic world of singled... [Read More] 1392
Census shows Irish marriage splits rising
The 2011 Census for Ireland revealed an increase in both marriages and divorces . More than 200,000 ... [Read More] 1394
43% of UK Men don’t mind paying to help land a Dream Date
Divorced men are back on the dating picture and are determined to find next Mrs. Right as per the l... [Read More] 1413
Young Irish women earning more than their partners
The Economic and Social Research Institute in collaboration with University College Dublin has revea... [Read More] 1412
Marines' love battle: After death of one, BOTH surviving comrades gave solace to his devastated widow
Kirianne Curley, widow of Corporal Stephen Curley, a royal marine had simultaneous affairs with his ... [Read More] 1403
The King and the Prince: As rumours emerge that Mollie King is dating Prince Harry
Mollie King's staying firmly silent over rumours that she's dating Prince Harry.But The Sa... [Read More] 1410
Man who sold everything on eBay buys a Carribean island and finds new love
Ian Usher’s wife Laura left him six years ago when they emigrated from Britain to Australia. Subsequ... [Read More] 1397
The Hero’s widow Christina Schmid says, “Oz would give his blessing”
... [Read More] 1398
Secrets of Lasting Couples: Part 2
Following on from our first article on "Lasting Couples" - here are five more attributes that are co... [Read More] 1396