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student nurse, 29
Looking for a man, exposure21 is interested in
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    "so . . . what are you waiting for? "

    I don't really know where to start, i never know what to say on these things but here goes . . .
    i'm 21 and studying at ARU (chelmsford) to be a nurse.
    I currently live in Frinton-On-Sea, not the most exciting place to be but its great if we ever have some nice weather!
    so, what am i looking for? . . . if i am honest i don't really know. I don't know what my Mr. Right would be like, i just know i have not met him. What someone looks like is not really important to me, but height is. i don't feel comfortable being with someone that i tower over, just does not feel very lady-like!
    I need someone who can make me laugh, i don't take life too seriously, you have to try everything once! ;) (well if its legal anyway).
    if there is anything you would like to know (as i realise i have not covered much) then feel free to ask!

    just completed the questionaire thing and most of the feedback was rubbish but i feel some things were quite fitting of my personality . . .
    "exposure21 is best motivated by situations which allow her popularity, social recognition and the feeling that she has a fair amount of freedom to move. Although opportunity to grow as a person is an important aspect in motivating exposure21, it is also necessary to make her feel secure within the environment."
    "She is unlikely to make any unplanned decisions, preferring to listen carefully to all options before reaching conclusions."
    "She displays persistence and a certain stubbornness in the completion of tasks."

    Location 'frinton-on-sea' - Chelmsford, Essex, East (UK)

    Marital StatusSingleOrientationStraight
    Has ChildrenNoHeritageWhite
    Wants ChildrenNot sureEducationSchool of Life
    Hair ColourBlondeEye ColourBlue
    Height5' 7'' (1.7m)Body TypeAverage
    ReligionCatholicPoliticsMonster Raving Looney
    SmokesNoDrinksI like to party!!
    Dietary PreferencesNo RestrictionsLike AnimalsYes
    Star SignGemini

    i am a student, but i work shifts at colchester general hospital. 

    currently at ARU (chelmsford) studying to be a nurse 

    well i was bought up to be a catholic, its not something i have really stuck with, its very rare that i would be awake on a sunday in time for church! and i disagree with much of what we are told to believe. 

    politics is something i have absolutly no interest in, i never know who to vote for, someone that could sort out the mess of the country would be good, but there doesnt seem to be that option? 

    I have put average, but i'm not really sure what this means? im not as slim as i would like to be but then who's perfect? curvy does not seem to quite fit either and a little chunky seemed a bit harsh, i can't make my mind up, will leave that to you :) 

    Languages Spoken:
    tried to learn German at school . . . not sure how much of it i remember now though 

    Music Enjoyed:
    Drum'n'Bass, Hip Hop, Pop, Soft Rock, 80's music, 90's music 

    Sports and exercise:
    Cycling, Gym, Jogging, Swimming, Tennis, only do any of these on the rare occassions i feel like being healthy, i had tennis lessons for years but never really got any better at it. i love swimming but getting into a bikini is the bit that puts me off. 

    Interests and activities:
    Camping, Clubbing, Concerts, ...nightclub, Eating Out, Friends, History, Pubs, Reading, Shopping, Travel, Writing, from these options i guess its safe to say im not the most sophisticated woman. 

    Animals and Pets:
    I have two dogs, both alsations, one i completley mental and the other is just lazy but i love them both very much 

    Newspapers and magazines:
    Hello, The Sun 

    Dan Brown, Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper, Martina Cole, Roald Dahl 

    Favourite Films:
    honestly? none of those options really float my boat! i will watch anything but action and romance films interest me the most 

    Enjoyable evening out:
    Cinema, Meal, Pub, Wine bar, Nightclub 

    Favourite Dishes:
    Chicken Tikka, Lasagne, Smoked Salmon, Steak and chips 

    Ideal Holiday:
    Driving slowly around Ireland, Lying on a beach in the Caribbean, Scuba diving in Thailand, Whitewater rafting in the Rockies, this was a hard choice! i am up for trying anything. i have always wanted to go to Ireland, i don't know why i have not got around to it yet. 

    In another life:
    Marilyn Monroe 

    Affectionate, Adventurous, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Friendly, Loving, Mad, Sensual, Sociable, Wild 

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