loveandfriends - uk internet dating for thinking people 

loveandfriends - uk internet dating for thinking people

Loveandfriends - Internet dating for thinking people
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Article: Are You Ready To Date?

Our dating site is for people who want to meet each other on or off line for friendship, sharing activities or romance. Many will not take it further than on line messaging. But we know that lots will go on to date and some of these will end up in relationships Just in case you get the wrong idea, think "date" as in "go out for a drink or a meal". As far as we are concerned "Dating" is just seeing someone casually. We don’t intend it to mean the rest of your life or even every weekend. That’s something else – see our article- "Are you ready for a relationship?"

Of course we know that the term "Dating" sort of implies there might be something romantic or sexual in the air – but it doesn’t have to. Dating is simply meeting new people, perhaps just once, or maybe a couple of times as a prelude to a possible friendship and whatever follows. "Oh! I’ve got lots of friends already" – I can hear you retort. Sure, but no-one can have too many. And yes, new friends are better than a tonic. Should romance be on the agenda you’ll have lots of options to choose from before taking the plunge

We think Internet dating  is about broadening your horizons: this means new people, ideas, experiences and lots of fun. It can mean sharing new activities such as paragliding, wine tasting, or sub-aqua. It can mean finding someone to revive old interest with - what about brushing up on your rusty Italian, going riding again, talking about the most recent novel you’ve read or just going down to the pub? The direction the friendship takes is entirely up to you.

Some of you would like to date but keep putting it off. "It’s not the right moment" you say. So which of the following excuses are you using? We’ve heard them all!

"I’m waiting till…

… my career is sorted out
… I’ve got my new business on its feet."
… I’ve painted the bathroom"
… The children are older and can cope with someone new in my life"
… I’ve lost 10 pounds"
… I’ve finished my MBA studies."
… I’ve moved house"
… I’ve got over my last relationship."

…but we’re talking dating not yet a new relationship!

Remember the saying: "Ask a busy person if you want to get something done"? Well….? Shouldn’t there always be time for making new friends?

The great thing about our site is that you really don’t have to date at all if you don’t want to. With our anonymous E-mail messaging you can simply have on-line encounters and friendships. So if you’re really not ‘ready’ for dating it doesn’t matter.  Choice is what we offer. The ball is in your court!

Whatever you go for have FUN! That’s what Internet Dating  is meant to be about!

Good luck!