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loveandfriends - uk internet dating for thinking people

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Article: Tips For Men On How To Make a Woman Happy - A Woman's Perspective

by Virginia Carol, PhD

Are you a man looking for a woman you can love and who can love you?

I often talk with male friends who have partners or who are looking for someone, and they often express a level of dismay at trying to understand 'what a woman wants'.

The answer is probably much simpler than most men appreciate.  It's the little things a man does that make a woman happy and feel wanted. Here's just a short list of tips you can try if you want to get close to a woman or want to improve the closeness that is growing between you and someone:

1.  DO hold her hand as you walk down the street.

2.  DO give her a hug to greet her EVERY time you meet her again.

3.  DON'T tell her how good you are in bed.  (Chances are if you have to tell her, you're not; and she'll find out in due course anyway.)

4.  DO tell her you like how her hair/her dress/her jewellery/her new boots/her whatever - it doesn't matter what it is - looks on her today.

5.  DO tease her now and again (in a playful way) - a good relationship includes lots of good laughs.

6.  DO tell her how you feel about her.

7.  DO give her the chance to tell you how she feels about you.

8.  DON'T tell her you'll call her, and then not do it.  It's better to not make promises you are unsure you will keep.

9.  DO be honest.  No relationship is worth anything to anybody if the two people involved can't be honest with one another.

10.  If you decide you want to stop seeing her, DO tell her, face to face.  The truth is always less hurtful than lying or, worse, simply disappearing.

11.  If you make love to her, DO take your time to enjoy her body, and let her enjoy yours.

12.  If you make love to her, DON'T go straight for the kill - a woman's body is sensitive all over, not just in one place!

13.  DO remember her birthday.

14.  DO remember special occasions - the anniversary of when you met, the day she passes her exams, etc.  These should include the sadder occasions - e.g. the anniversary of a child's death. You don't have to BUY her anything--just let her know you are thinking about her, help her celebrate, or spend some time with her.

15.  DO make eye contact.

16.  DO enjoy the time you have together.  Life is short and we pass through but this once.

17.  DO ask her what SHE would like to do - don't plan every date or a whole weekend without consulting her.

18.  DO phone once in a while just to say hello and let her know you are thinking about her.

19.  DON'T phone her five times a day.

20.  DO share your deepest desires, fears, thoughts.  This is the 'glue' that will keep a good relationship together and make it get better and better.