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You are an independent person but, like all human beings, you have a need for intimacy, and an intimate relationship is maybe the best way for you to feel really fulfilled. However, it is all very well theorizing about how to make first dates and relationships work, but what if there is no one to have a relationship with.  For some people the opportunities hardly seem to exist for meeting available singles with a similar outlook and background – or do they?


It is always a source of amazement, to those of us working at my three introduction agencies, that well-organized and businesslike people behave quite out of character when faced with the need to find a mate. If you were seeking a new employee to fill the most important post in your company, the likelihood is that you’d appoint a specialist recruitment agency to headhunt appropriate candidates and/or you’d advertise and network like crazy. You wouldn’t wait for a qualified person to turn up just by accident. The same is true if you were hoping to buy a new house – the chances of stumbling upon the home of your dreams without employing an estate agent or, at the very least, looking at the property ads, are very slight indeed. However, for some unfathomable reason, when it comes to relationships it is all meant to happen by magic.