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... UK Government cracks down on migrant hoax marriages UK Government cracks down on migrant hoax marriages

24 April 2012

The UK Government is proposing to crack down on immigrants using fake marriages as a “back door” into Britain.
Under the plans UK citizens will soon be banned from bringing their foreign spouses to live here unless they can afford to support them.
They will have to earn at least £25,700 a year under plans by Home Secretary Theresa May.

The minimum income would rise up to £62,600 if they want to bring kids in too.

Additionally, newlyweds will have to face a five-year trial before being allowed to stay permanently.

Details of the immigration blitz are contained in a leaked Cabinet document seen by The Sun.

The leaked letter — from Mrs May to Deputy PM Nick Clegg shows the amount of cash a person has to earn in order to bring hs/her family to UK
· Spouse only - £25,700
· Spouse + 1 dependent - £37,000
· Spouse + 2 dependent s - £49,000
· Spouse + 3 dependents - £62,000

Mrs May believes action to tighten the “family route” into UK won huge public support in last year’s consultation. Most of those arriving here under that route are women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, but many end up living with partners who are jobless or low-earners and become a burden on the benefit system.

Mrs May writes in her letter: “The package which I propose to implement from June 2012 will reduce the burdens on the taxpayer, promote integration and tackle abuse.”
There is a need to “differentiate between genuine and non-genuine relationships”, she insists.

The minimum income more than doubles the current threshold and spouses will be obliged to learn English to a higher standard.